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It's easy to contact me! If you have an enquiry, send an email to this address: hobray at (replace the 'at' with an '@' symbol).

Please note, however, that I don't accept freebies, gifts, product samples or similar 'blogger drops'.  You are most welcome to email me invitations, press releases and info packs, if you think they are relevant to my blog, but please don't send couriers to my gate with goodies. It's embarrassing and awkward to have to turn them away.

Links in red ink refer to my cookbook.

Winner of  The Bookmarks Best Community Manager craft 
award, November 2013.  Here's me with my colleagues 
from digital agency Liquorice.

A food love letter to my granny Peggy, Food & Home
 Entertaining, December 2013

Finalist, Best Food Blog, Fairlady Consumer Awards 2013

Four desserts from my cookbook (in Afrikaans), 
Lééf magazine, December issue, 2012

Browsing the Menu, from Garden and Home, by Diana Wemyss, 
with photographs by Greg Cox, November, 2012

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