Sunday 17 June 2007

Archive: Perfect Microwave Popcorn

I always seem to burn popcorn cooked in oil in a pan, and I hate the soapy taste of shop-bought microwave popcorn. After several disastrous experiments, I figured out how to do it.

Microwave popcorn

a paper bag

Put a handful of popcorn in plain white or brown paper bag. Fold the top of the bag over twice. Put it on its side and microwave on high for about a minute at a time, or until you stop hearing popping noises. Season with salt and, if you're feeling wicked, top with melted butter.

That's it. No oil, no butter, and NOT ONE burnt or unpopped kernel.

I bought a stash of white paper packets from the fabulous factory shop Merry Pak & Print when I was last in Cape Town. If you love paper, packaging, boxes and wrappers (don't laugh; some of us do) this shop is not to be missed. You can even buy new flat-packed popcorn boxes to give your microwave popcorn a bit of movie-house cachet. (Great for kids' parties too).
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