Monday, 28 March 2011

Green Eggs and Ham (Peaches, Cream and Pink Pancakes)

These 'eggs' look disgusting, don't they? My daughter loved them, and I very much enjoyed making her this literary breakfast.

Green Eggs and Ham is my favourite Dr Seuss book, and I've always wanted to make a dish of this most special delicacy for my kids.

Green Eggs and Ham
Green Eggs and Ham
According to Publishers Weekly, Green Eggs and Ham is the fourth-bestselling English-language children's novel of all time, and anyone who read it as a child will understand why.

How to make the green eggs was simple enough, but I puzzled over the ham. I didn't want real ham, of course, because nothing in this dish is what it appears to be. In the end, the solution was simple: I made up a batch of pancake mix and added a drop of red food colouring.

(But I kept back a little of the pancake mix to drizzle alongside the poured 'hamcakes' to make the fatty edgings).

To get a suitably revolting green tint on the tinned cling peaches (the yolks), I diluted some food colouring with water and soaked the fruit halves in it overnight.

 Then I drained the peach halves well on kitchen paper and arranged them on beds of whipped cream.  The cinnamon sprinkled around the edges is supposed to look like the crisp edges of the egg white, but of course as the cream started to spread the effect wore off.

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Saaleha Idrees Bamjee said...

Disgustingly fun:)
And quite artful.

Unknown said...

wow so cool! I want to be a mother like you! Hmm maybe Italian Meringue would work for the egg whites? Even though it is made with egg...Panna cotta?

Marisa said...

That looks so real! Well done Jane-Anne. Although, erm... I'm not sure I'll eat those "eggs". The colouring is just too odd for me. But I'm sure kids would LOVE it!

Jane-Anne said...

@ Saleeha Thanks!

@ LadyRaven Good idea about the Italian meringue

@Marisa I couldn't face the eggs either. They're just *wrong*. To an adult, that is!

Cindy said...

Very inventive, I'm not sure I could eat them though :)

Lesmarie Williams said...

How wonderful and amazing! Just dont want to eat it :) WHat a great mom!

Matt Allison said...


They look wonderfully, um, green :) What a special moment to share with your daughter and thanks for sharing it with us.


Helen said...

This is fantastic! Clever you.

re: Green food. I remember that as a teenager my brother used to put green food colouring into custard so that I'd think was disgusting and he wouldn't have to share!

redkathy said...

Love the green eggs :) I just recently won a Dr Seuss cookbook! Dr. Seuss is my all time favorite author of children's books. In fact, whenever hubby and I visit Universal Studios, we make it a point to visit Seuss Land!