Sunday 15 March 2009

Beautiful, hand-made porcelain dinnerware

Take a look at this beautiful bespoke dinnerware by master potter David Walters, who has just completed an order for my favourite restaurant, Reuben's, of Franschhoek.

David's reduction-fired porcelain platters, plates and bowls are all the rage among restaurateurs in the Cape, and I'm not surprised, because they're beautiful, elegant and simple. And practical too: dishwasher- and microwave-proof, and as tough as nails.

Dave makes monogrammed sets for individual clients, and will also design your own personal stamp.

David is my uncle (yes, I know I've already featured my aunt Gilly Walters on this site - Gilly is David's sister-in-law - but can I help it if I have so many talented relatives? Am I bovvered?)

I have two beautiful beautiful smoke-fired David Walters platters in my kitchen (see one below) that I use as fruit bowls, and I love them. Next time you're in Franschhoek, pop into Dave's gallery, Roubaix House, to take a look.

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