Friday 6 March 2009

South African Food Fundis: get to know our brilliant local food heroes

Starting this month, I'm expanding this blog by starting a series of articles - with recipes - about local food fundis, those lesser-known food heroes of South Africa who are making delicious waves in kitchens, bakeries and small home-factories, and on farms throughout the country.

I'll be showcasing the creativity and flair of some very talented home-cooks and caterers, along with bakers, bread-makers, farmers, smokers, picklers, bottlers, cheese-makers and purveyors of fine, fresh seasonal produce.

The first food fundi in the series:

- Gilly Walters of Wedgewood Nougat. Click here to read about her.

Michael and Michele Karamanof: Two professionals who have made food and cookery their passion.

Coming soon:

- Peter-James Smith, food critic and sausage-maker extraordinaire

- Jo and Brian Dick, of the Cheese Shop, in Linden

If you'd like your food or your produce featured here, please drop me a line.
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